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July 14

FESTIVAL DATES: March 1 - 31, 2018
DEADLINE: July 14, 2017


Myseum of Toronto is launching a call for proposals for its third annual Myseum Intersections festival which explores different perspectives on the city’s natural, cultural, and historic diversity.

Myseum Intersections will take place during the month of March, 2018 throughout many areas of Toronto and will range from historic to contemporary issues presented via exhibits, events, and interactive community experiences. The festival aims to present a wide array of programming that we hope will create dialogue on civic issues and inspire a deeper appreciation of the richness of our city.

This year’s theme, Arrivals & Departures, asks applicants to explore Toronto’s many communities, cultures, and characters and highlight how different perspectives converge to create multiple visions of our city’s past, present and future. What does it meant to have “arrived” in Toronto? How is this city simultaneously a place of arrival, and a point of departure for new destinations, ideas, or experiences? We encourage organizations, collaborations and collectives to help us unpack the narratives of this place we all call home.

Project proposals can range from medium-small exhibitions to events such as walking tours, workshops, panel discussions and lectures to public programs, exhibition tours, community celebrations, interactive experiences and performances. We prioritize participatory, co-created projects and encourage applicants to create partnerships that help them co-create their projects.

To see project highlights from last years’ festival click here.

There are two funding categories - event based and exhibition based. Each must offer some form of free programming or access to the general public. We also welcome applications from individuals and organizations who do not require funding and would like to jointly promote their exhibits or programs. Please note: projects can only apply for one funding category.

Event Based Projects: workshops, walking tours, talks, lectures, performances, and community celebrations, etc. are eligible for funding up to $2,500.
Exhibition Based Projects: small/medium community exhibition and interactive experiences etc. are eligible for funding up to $5,000. Preference will be given to exhibits running longer than 2 weeks.
Unfunded Projects: community or organizational projects that do not require funding from Myseum but would like promotional support can apply to be showcased during the festival (print and digital promotion).
Unfunded Venue Space: public galleries, storefronts or public spaces that would like to participate but do not have a project to exhibit can apply to host a project.

We encourage, and prioritize, collaborative projects between two or more individuals/community organizations to apply with an exhibition or event based project that can animate their own community space(s) or a mutually decided upon space.

Submissions are encouraged from different disciplines, cultures, abilities, and backgrounds including but not limited to: historical societies, archives, arts and design collectives, natural history organizations, cultural organizations, community groups, disabled communities, youth and student groups, indigenous communities, architects, ecologists and naturalists, LGBTQ+ communities, designers, urbanist groups, and groups that formed for this project because they are passionate about Toronto.

Organizations, collectives or individuals are not required to have charitable or non-profit status to apply. Additionally, organizations or individuals who have participated in Myseum Intersections previously are eligible to apply.

● Material expenses
● Content development fees (curatorial fees, artist fees, honoraria)
● Transportation expenses within the GTA
● AV and equipment rentals
● Partial fees for space/venue (discounts are appreciated)
● Production expenses
● Display expenses

● Projects already covered in an organization's operating budget or mandate
● Staff time of existing employees

To apply, complete one of the following applicable submission forms: Funded Event, Funded Exhibit, Unfunded Project or Unfunded Venue Space.

Please note: applicants must also submit a separate condensed proposal deck (maximum 10 slides) in PDF form via GoogleDrive link to Jess Pridham, Please ensure your file is saved as ‘organizationname_projectname.pdf’.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

● Describe your community organization(s) (250 words)
● Describe your project idea, exhibition or event (250 words)
● How will your idea address the theme? (150 words)
● Describe how your idea will allow audiences to participate (100 words)
● Describe how your project will be marketed within your community network (newsletter, social media following, etc) and how your project will bring people together (150 words)
● 5-10 images that help to illustrate your idea, exhibition or event
● Website (if you have one)
● Budget for the project. The Myseum will provide up to a maximum of $5,000 for projects.
● Budgets above this must provide proof that they have additional sources of revenue or community resources that will support their project.
● Any resources that you may need help sourcing (e.g. designer, curator, lighting, av equipment, etc.) and your strategy for sourcing these resources.

We are offering a free information session for organizations, collectives and individuals to meet each other, share resources and develop ideas. The session will also provide insight into the proposal writing and application process. Participants from last year will also be in attendance to answer any questions new applicants might have about what it was like to participate.

● Wednesday, June 28th from 6:00-8:30PM at 401 Richmond Street W, Studio 303

All proposals will be evaluated by a diverse jury of arts, culture, and heritage professionals using the following criteria:
● Clarity of proposal
● Demonstrates collaboration
● Feasibility of proposal
● Relevance to this year’s theme
● Community engagement
● Opportunities for public participation
● Aesthetic innovation
● Elevation of an issue that affects many people in the city
● Ability to engage with the city’s history
● Reach of the community and ability to bring people together

Applicants will receive feedback by August 18th, 2017. If your proposal is approved, a representative from your organization will be required to attend each of the three mandatory workshops/info sessions hosted by Myseum:

• Participant Meet and Greet Info Session- Tuesday, September 19th 6-8pm
• Exhibit Planning Workshop- Tuesday, November 28th 6-830pm
• Marketing Workshop- Tuesday, January 9th 6-8pm

For questions or inquiries please contact Jess Pridham, Public Programs Coordinator at or 416-583-2030.

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